At the Cumulus Conference “What’s on” at Universidade de Aveiro – ID+, on May 8-10 2014, we have the opportunity to experiment with a new DESIS showcase, where the projects of the DESIS Labs will be presented and discussed in a brand new way. We wish to understand how this new way, based on the adoption of common issues as guidelines, can help generating transversal knowledge for further reflections. Have a look, if you like, to the DESIS editorials now on line for more considerations about this.

These project presentations are also intended to update what we are doing in the Network, “What’s on”, and who we are.

Finally, we aim to use them for the updating of the description of the DESIS Labs with the purpose of formally joining the new-born Association.

Therefore, we are happy to propose a new project description template, along with its guidelines and one example.

We invite all DESIS Labs joining CUMULUS Aveiro to present one or more projects according to this template, so to have there the chance to share and enjoy what we are doing today.

Anna & Teresa