Carol Jones and Rhiannon Jones will facilitate the workshop entitled: Engaging Arts through Empowering Acts targeted to the Contemporary Arts working group.

This interactive participatory workshop will address key themes of the conference and define the social, historical and cultural purposes of art through engaging and empowering practices. Examples of two projects Familiar City and Wonderland will be presented.  Both projects have at their heart engagement and empowerment through artistic practice. The two projects have very different perspectives one within education and one with local community and engaging with particular aspects of the city of Nottingham within the UK. The two highly successfull UK projects were devised by the faciliators and will  provide a platform for further debate.

We will have a live link with Backlit a independent contemporary art studio and gallery in Nottingham, Uk that is based in a newly developing area of creative quarter of the city and will also reference In Dialogue the curated International symposium 2012 and 2014 for Nottingham Contemporary a major arts centre in the UK.



- Provide 2 examples of best practice addressing what the meaning is for art practices within arts education and community that deal with contemporary art engagement projects.

- Provide a platform and lead a debate on engagement and empowerment, what do we mean by this and how do artists and institutions deal with this as a working methodology?

- Live link up with a working gallery and artist studio complex and discuss how  workshop participants might engage with their own artist communities.


Rhiannon Jones

Carol Jones