Maria Manuela Lopes, ID+ University of Aveiro; Instituto de Biologia Molecular e Celular -Project NERRI Neuro-Enhancement Responsible Research and Innovation

Paulo Bernardino Bastos, ID+ University of Aveiro



Suitable for all participants



Human memory is complex, fragile and defines our individuality. We mentally store our experiences and knowledge of the world as memories. However, memories are easily forgotten, and the retrieval of memories, through the act of remembering, is inexact and faulty. Human societies have produced a series of devices for storing memory in external formats. These have evolved from bone implements, clay, wax and stone tablets, carved stones, and later, maps, drawings, phonographs, photographs and other recording technologies, to the computer and cell phones. Each of these offers an increasing capacity for the storage of memory acting as an ever more efficient prop for human memory modelling our neurological networks.



Playful exploration of the participant’s memory skills, addressing the importance of training the potential of memory through applying varied artistic methodologies for a natural neuro-enhancement. Using a transdisciplinary artistic experience, our senses, creativity and metaphors of memory to produce moments of discovery around the connections between brain functioning and visual language. We will use attention, mnemotechics, smells, sounds, association and other stimulation games to allow the group to consider the power art has in providing a background for contrast and management of multisensory information.



2 hours