Daria Akimenko, University of Lapland



Art and Design Students, Design Professionals, Researchers in fields of art and design, education, social sciences.



A variety of narratives in contemporary urban environment (mass media, new media, informal communication, etc.) reveals a certain level of tension around the idea of sustainability. The common understanding of importance of sustainable behavior does not provide a solid notion and feeling of sustainability. A solution, that design may suggest, is engaging communities in acts of design activism, design interventions in public urban spaces with an objective to strengthen sustainability as common value. The workshop introduces the concepts of (un)sustainability and design activism, gives a methodological overview of previously carried out practices in the field of design activism and provides a volume of examples of powerful design interventions. The participants are engaged in the discussion as well as in concrete planning of possible design interventions, as a part of an international activist network.



- Introduce the concept of design activism as a problem-solving and awareness-raising approach that can be applied to multiple situations;

- Get acquainted with effective frameworks for the implementations of a design intervention aimed at (un)sustainability issues;

- Launch the idea of an international activist network to carry our later on simultaneous design interventions with an objective to stimulate change in communities and their systems of values;

- Gather the outcomes of the workshop that afterwards will be treated as material for reflection or data in the further doctoral research.



3 hours