Authors are invited to submit a full paper (up to 3000 words), posters and projects that address contemporary approaches to the 3 main tracks:

1 // what’s on:

cultural diversity

  • Olden urban vs new rural realities
  • Future cultural heritage
  • Contemporary antagonisms (local/global, analogous/digital, hi-tech/low-tech, craft/industrial, convergences/divergences, …)
  • Inter/ Trans/ Multidisciplinarity approaches
  • Ludicity and communication artifacts


2 // what’s on:

social engagement

  • Social-driven approaches
  • Co-“everything”
  • Community activation
  • Social empowerment
  • Responsible citizenship
  • Economics for the people


3 // what’s on:

 shifting education

  • Education for future generations
  • Beyond lifelong learning experiences
  • New media for new education
  • Customized learning environments and self regulated learning
  • Transdisciplinar educational approaches
  • Open educational resources



Submitted contributions are subject to a double-blind peer-review process.